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Welcome to Shigetsu-an Guesthouse

Shigetsu-an is an old farmhhouse in a quiet valley in the centre of Hyogo prefecture, surrounded by mountains and lush nature. The house is almost 200 years old, with a covered thatched roof, and a structure featuring large wooden beams. The house was in a bad state of repair, but a team of expert traditional carpenters have turned it into a wonderful place.

The restoration has been done using chemical free materials. The 3 cm thick floorboards are made of locally grown  hinoki wood (Japanese Cypress). No varnish or oil treatment has been applied. The walls have been plastered with diatomaceous earth and lime. In the garden, with its moss covered rocks, a one meter deep pit holds 250 kg of activated charcoal, adding to the feeling of well-being in a healthy living environment.

Situated within equal distance between Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka, Taka town has a rich history and is steeped in tradition, a tradition still very much alive today.

Rooms & Accommodation


Learn more about the accommodation on offer.


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Shigetsu-an offers a variety of activities related to traditional Japanese culture, to food and to life in the countryside.

About us


Sep & Yoko are your hosts at Shigetsu-an. Learn more about them and about their philosophy.

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