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About Us

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Sep Overlaet : Born in Antwerp, Belgium. He started Aikido at the age of 17, dedicating his life to the study of Japanese Budo. At present he is 6th dan in Aikido, and holds the title of Renshi, 5th dan in Kyudo. Since 2005 he is practising the Sekishu school of tea ceremony. For Sep, Budo is a way to confront oneself, and to raise one's consciousness. In 2003, his beloved wife of 30 years died of cancer. In 2008, he married Yoko Sasaki, his present partner and co-host at Shigetsu-an.  He has lived in six different countries, and speaks English, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese and French.


Yoko Sasaki : Born in Hokkaido, Japan. She graduated in Fine Arts from Tokyo University of Arts. After living 30 years abroad (27 years in Spain, half a year in Belgium, and three years in India), she bought an old traditional farmhouse, and settled in the town of Taka in Hyogo, wishing to live close to nature, and to deepen her connection with Mother Earth.  She has three Spanish daughters with her former husband. She divorced in 2005, and married Sep in 2008. From 2016 to 2019, she studied natural farming in the international township Auroville, in southern India. She is an accomplished cook, specializing in Indian and Spanish dishes. She speaks Japanese, Spanish and English.


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