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Our Philosophy

 We both have traveled extensively, and have lived in various countries. It has always been a pleasure to meet new people and share thoughts and experiences. It was this feeling of communicating and sharing that brought us to opening a guesthouse.

We hope that in Shigetsu-an, this beautifully restored kominka, we can offer our guests more than a comfortable bed. Shigetsu-an is a testimony of its owners' view of life. The way the old house has been restored with respect for natural materials; the way the internal space has been opened up to create a relaxing environment that invites communication; the way vegetables are grown in the organic vegetable patch, and meals are prepared with fresh and healthy ingredients;  the activities on offer, most of which are aimed at providing grounding, and getting in touch with the inner self; all of this points to our aspiration to a creative and joyful way of life.

We hope that our guests will leave Shigetsu-an with a renewed spring in their step.

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